Monday, January 25, 2010

Window of Opportunity

Once in awhile we get a thaw in January that actually clears out the lake. Since the ice hasn't been as bad as past years, we had a window of opportunity this past Sunday. Shoulder high, fresh water goodness. Here's Mitch sinking his teeth into a good line with a Burly Mini-Bob. The fog was rolling in and I was just able to get a few shots before the entire pier wasn't visible.


  1. Thanks Dale, I really like how the snow fence in the foreground mimicks the waves.

  2. Heard it was super fun. If I would have know early I would have gotten on my way from Petoskey in the morning. Glad we still have some open spots, the surf season continues!

  3. Thanks againg J for letting us rip the burly's. Can't wait for the next clearing.