Monday, February 13, 2012

Clean and Tricky

Conditions were lined up for what should have been victory at sea. Instead, the wind switched slightly off shore and handed us conditions that we don't often see on the lakes. The guys in the photos are all riding Burly Surfboards (Dale is on a 5'10" Fist Pump, Greg on the 6'7" Thruster, Erik on a 9'4" Logjammer, and me on a 6'0" Mini-Simmons). I intended to do a little shoot on the performance of my boards, however, mother nature did the performing and we just watched in awe. It was a clean and beautiful wave, but oddly enough, very difficult to surf. You had to be in the right place at the right time. The offshore winds made it difficult to get into the wave, and the peak was fairly elusive. Nevertheless, it will stand as one of the more memorable sessions this winter. Thanks to Rich Griffin for freezing his butt off to get the shots. Enjoy.


  1. hey Justin, did you happen to get any pictures of me from this day? if you did you can email them to me at, Thanks

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Fun day for sure!